360 Leadership Development reports

As a best practice for leaders who interact with multiple stakeholders and team members (regardless if they manage people or not), the 360 professional development tool helps to identify key strengths and challenges through an anonymous survey.

Areas for growth

  • Knowing how others see you and where your blindspots are
  • Developing a more positive feedback culture
  • Creating a structured roadmap for improvement based on detailed feedback from your colleagues

I can

Create and implement an electronic survey to gather feedback from key stakeholders on your strengths and effectiveness as a leader

Create and implement in-person reviews for you and key stakeholders on your team to gather deeper feedback on your strengths and effectiveness as a leader and potential blindspots

Put together a composite report highlighting key developmental themes for you to have in perpetuity

Work with you on a plan to implement lasting change based on your feedback results

So that you

Know how others see you and your areas for growth

Know what you are doing well

Identify any potential blindspots between how you think you are doing versus how others see you

Have a roadmap for greater success in your organization and your life