Co-founder Support

Co-founders have to navigate so many challenges, highs and lows, in operating a business together.

Areas for growth

  • Identify your role and job duties in an ever-evolving landscape of the business
  • Shift between what is best for you, your co-founder and the business
  • Support the team through growth phases and ups and downs
  • Manage down, up, and across
  • Communication systems and tools
  • Navigate various personality types and interpersonal dynamics

I can

Sit with you and your partners to hash out processes and procedures

Be an impartial observer during key meetings and conversations

Help mitigate conflict

Offer different perspectives and tools

Meet one-on-one and together as a team as an objective cheerleader

So that you

Create better processes and roadmaps for success

Get along better with others

Know yourself better

Feel supported by someone outside of your organization