Leadership Coaching

We are all leaders in our own rite, but we are often not taught what that means or how our actions and leadership position affects others.

Areas for growth

  • Know yourself and what leadership means to you
  • How to make systems and processes for lasting growth and functionality of your team or org
  • Get out of your own way to make lasting change
  • Understand how others function differently from us and how to meet them halfway
  • Manage up, down and across
  • How to have a good one-on-one
  • Find the right career fit for you
  • Executive presence and public speaking
  • How to write succinctly through presentations, emails and documents

I can

Coach and mentor you through ups and downs

Provide resume, cover letter, and other written feedback to important documents

Run a leadership diagnostic to assess how others view your current leadership style 

Connect you to folks in my network that can help 

Help to create a plan, or roadmap, to reach your goals

So that you

Feel stronger and more empowered

Notice immediate change in how you lead and how others respond to you

Get clearer on what’s important to you 

End up in the job that makes you happy

Have tools for whatever comes up at work that your manager or supervisor isn’t providing for you