Group Facilitation

If there’s been a big change within your organization or team, or if there is a feeling that your team needs to come together, having an outside facilitator can really help. Practicing tools for effective management can also be done in a group setting with support from a facilitator.

Areas for growth

  • Feel less isolated/lonely by gathering with like minded leaders and peers
  • Tools for effective communication and strong listening skills
  • Provide a space for everyone to be heard
  • Develop your own coaching strengths so you can be a more effective leader and manager
  • Team building and coming together as a team after a tough time

I can

Set group standards and operating agreements

Run the meeting effectively

Make sure all voices are heard

Organize various values, needs and requests

Help the group create tangible next steps

So that you

Engage in meaningful group dialogue

Move past any hurt or stuck patterns within your team or organization

Start to adopt a ‘growth mindset’ in regards to team dynamics

Learn practical and effective managerial skills