Public speaking and presenting

Whether in a five minute pitch to your boss or at your best friend’s wedding when you suddenly have to give a speech, speaking publicly can be nerve wracking and difficult. The ability to connect with others in an authentic way is the key to being a great speaker, – and it carries over into the success of your business and personal life.

Areas for growth

  • Build confidence as a presenter
  • Create a succinct and clear pitch or presentation
  • Know how others see you when you present
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter
  • Identify nerves and how to cope with them
  • Present with visuals
  • Effective eye contact, volume and gestures

I can

Provide expert coaching, video, and playbacks to get clarity on where you need to strengthen your presentation skills

Help you connect with your audience

Strengthen and hone your message so that it’s clear and succinct

So that you

Are more genuine and less shy or robotic when you speak publicly

Don’t let nerves get in the way of a killer pitch or demos

Can get expert feedback on ideas for conference talks or presentations

Address groups, no sweat, even if you’re in a new leadership position